10 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

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Saving money is a big topic this time of year as many people have New Year’s Resolutions to save more over the course of this next year. We are all concerned about how much electricity/energy we use. Whether our reason is that we want to be “greener” or we want to see more savings because we can’t believe how much we are wasting; we all want to see some change. Well, here are 10 ways that you can save by lowering your energy/electricity bill!

Lower Energy

#1 – Check on your thermostat and you can do two different things to save some money. Switch to a programmable version. The one I use at home I’m able to program the temperature to change throughout the day all 7 days a week. This is nice because during the day when no one is there, the temperature goes up during the day and down during the winter. It doesn’t make sense to run the heat or air when no one is there to enjoy it. I have them kick on an hour before we get home to ensure the house is at the temperature we like when we arrive. And speaking of that temperature that we like, turn that thermostat up a few degrees in the summer and down a few degrees in the winter. There isn’t any reason that you should be walking around in a sweater during the warm summer months and walking around in shorts and a tank top in the winter. Dress appropriately and save some cash by adjusting that thermostat a few degrees.

#2 – Use your large appliances in the morning or at night when it is cooler. There isn’t any reason to run the dishwasher during the hottest times of the day; you are only going to make your air conditioning work harder to keep the house cool.

#3 – Turn on those ceiling fans and make sure you are using them properly. Yes, there is a proper way to use them. In the summer time your ceiling fan should be rotating counterclockwise. This will push air down creating an artificial breeze that you will feel and help cool yourself. In the winter you will need to flip that little switch up on the ceiling fan to change its rotating direction. You will want the fan rotating clockwise. By doing this it will pull air up and push the warmer air down the walls in the room. You are essentially circulating the warm air from the ceiling back down into the room.

Knowing which direction to have your ceiling fan rotate can change the temperature in the room

Knowing which direction to have your ceiling fan rotate can change the temperature in the room

#4 – Mind your windows. Make sure that you windows are sealed properly. You don’t want warm air escaping in the winter or cool air finding its way outside during the summer. Many people who have this issue in the winter will either re-seal their windows or utilize window film to help keep that warm air inside. Another option is to use blackout curtains. These curtains, when used correctly, can help keep the heat out in the summer and keep the heat in the in winter.

#5 – Power down those TVs, game consoles, and computers. Having your computer run in “Stand By” mode is using energy. By shutting it down you can cut down on your electricity usage. You can also utilize powerstips to shut off everything plugged in behind the TV at once. By just flipping the switch on the powerstrip you can make sure everything is off. However, I’m not a fan of climbing behind the TV to turn this switch on all the time. If you are like this as well, there is an answer for us; I use a powerstrip that has a master power outlet port followed by ports connected to this. So, when I power off the TV, power is also cut to game consoles, DVD players, and Blu-ray players. This one is a great powerstrip that you can get from Amazon and I highly recommend (Affiliate link).


#6 – Switch your clothes washing from hot water to cold water. You will be running your hot water heater less, hence cutting down on energy used.

#7 – Instead of flipping on every light switch at night as you walk through your dark house, use LED night lights. The LEDs use a very little amount of energy and are bright enough for your little ones to not be afraid of the dark. They also give off enough light so you are able to see the corner of that table or the chair sitting there to make sure you don’t stub your toe. This 4 pack on Amazon only runs $9.99 and each has a dusk to dawn feature so it is not on when it is bring enough to see (Affiliate link).


#8 – When cooking in the oven try to keep the door closed as much as possible. Each time you open it, you are letting all of that warm air out. If you constantly do this you are just delaying how long before you get that delicious dinner. You are also making your oven work harder and more often burning up more energy. When we are done cooking something in the oven in the winter it gets turned off, but the door is left open just a crack to allow that hot air to escape and help heat the house. **If you have little ones running around, make sure to watch that slightly open oven door! We don’t want burned little hands!**

#9 – Back to laundry, when you are drying you clothes, make sure that you have cleaned the lint trap out after each load. Keeping the lint in there runs the risk of fire, but it also makes your clothing take longer to dry. Watch so that you don’t overload your dryer. You will want to make sure that there is proper air flow to speed up the process of drying your clothes. Don’t fill it with wet towels only to be mad that it has taken hours for them to try. In the summer, take advantage of the least expensive dryer, the sun. Hang those clothes out to dry and let the wind and sun take care of the drying.

#10 – And, last but not least, turn off those lights when you leave a room! Your parents told you when you were little and if you have kids, you have said it hundreds of times. But, leaving those lights on for extended periods of time when no one is in the room is just throwing money out the window. Using energy efficient light bulbs will also help, but you still need to make sure that you turn them off when you are not using them.

I hope these 10 tips are able to help you reduce your energy consumption and save some money. Are there any other tips that you use to reduce the energy usage in your home?