15 Ways to Save Money This Year

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Looking for a way to follow through on some of your resolutions this year? These 50 easy ways to save money will help you pay off some bills; work towards getting out of debt; or build on your savings.

15 Ways to Save Money this Year

  1. Budget! – The only way that you are going to be able to save any money is to work on building a budget. You need to know where you are spending your money, so you can get a better understanding of areas that you can cut wasteful spending.
  2. Start a Savings Account – Online savings accounts are my favorite ways to save! There are some great ones out there, but one of my favorites is from CapitalOne 360 (formerly ING Direct). Click here to get an account set up!┬áThere is no minimum balance, and no fees! I have a certain amount direct deposited from my paycheck each time into this account. Then I never have worry about forgetting to save!
  3. Stop Impulse Buys – This can be a struggle when grocery shopping! Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry, and make a list prior to going. Once you have your list, stick to it!
  4. When going grocery shopping, take advantage of coupons. You don’t need to be come a super-couponer, but you can take advantage of some great deals just by clipping coupons!
  5. Avoid Credit Cards. We use our credit cards for emergencies only. Try to pay with cash, you will be surprised at how much you will save when you physically have to hand over cash versus just swiping a card.
  6. Ditch the cable! We got rid of cable television two years ago now and have loved it! I don’t miss paying for hundreds of channels only to watch a select few. Check out how we saved!
  7. Join those rewards programs – Pretty much every grocery store offers some kind of rewards or loyalty program now. They can vary, but will end up saving you a little here and there.
  8. Keep saving all that extra change. At the end of the day my dad has always emptied out the spare change out of his pockets into a jar. That spare change had been put to use over the years helping to pay for things we needed growing up.
  9. Cook at home! Fast food is expensive, and going out to eat at a restaurant adds up quickly. Lunch is usually the struggle, and bringing a bag lunch from home can save you a bundle. Many times going out to lunch will cost an east $10, but the same thing can be made at home for less than $5.
  10. Invest in a slow cooker. If you are going to start cooking at home a lot more, I highly recommend investing in a slow cooker. There are countless numbers of slow cooker recipes on Pinterest for you to use.
  11. Carpool with friends. If you work near each other, share a ride or take turns driving. This will reduce the number of times that you are driving and reduce the cost of fuel.
  12. Create a weekly meal plan. One of the easiest ways to spend money is running to the store every night to pick up dinner. A weekly meal plan goes along with building your grocery list and sticking to it. Sit down with your family and plan out a weeks worth of meals, you will be surprised at how much it saves you!
  13. Turn off your lights. We battle this with little kids at home. They are constantly leaving lights on throughout the house as they move from one room to the next. We are teaching them to turn the lights off as they leave a room, but to help save I’ve invested in LED bulbs instead of incandescent or fluorescent. I had one fixture that used five 60-watt bulbs. I’ve reduced it to five 4-watt bulbs saving me some energy costs.
  14. Install a programmable thermostat. There is no reason that you should be heating your house all day as if you were there. We switched to a 5/2 programmable thermostat and have saved quite a bit on our energy bill. The 5/2 means that I can set one program to run Monday through Friday, and then a separate program to run on Saturday and Sunday. Check out my post on ways to save on your energy bill.
  15. Shop for holidays all year long. Instead of waiting until the last minute to shop for the holidays, try shopping all year long. You are able to spread out your purchases making for less of an impact on your spending. Also, if you are shopping online make sure you shop through Ebates! Ebates routes your sale through their website giving you a percentage of your purchase back. Check out this post to learn more! Or, if you are ready to sign up, click here!


Participate in a money saving challenge. There are lots of them out there, but I’m a fan of two very basic ones. The Penny Challenge and the Dollar Challenge. You can read more about the Penny Challenge here, and the if you have the extra cash, the Dollar Challenge here.

I wish you the best of luck in saving in 2017!