My NEW Workout Program

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Hey everyone, Coach Ben O. here! Hope everyone has been doing well. I know last time I talked about how I have climbed on board the Beach Body journey. My first workout program is going well and I’m over 1 week in.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always struggling to find time to get to the gym, even with those 24 hour facilities everywhere. I just don’t want to get in my car to drive somewhere to workout for awhile only to have to drive home even more tired! I did plenty of searching and have some great friends that are using their homes as a gym. I thought that was great, except I didn’t know what I should be doing. Do I use free weights? Do I just do cardio? Do I have time to go for a run? Do I go and buy a bunch of exercise equipment? That’s where the Beach Body programs come in to play.

What am I doing?

Do you find yourself saying:

“I don’t have time for a long workout even in my own home. I don’t like driving to the gym. Gym Fees are way too high.”

If you do…I say…“You are misinformed!” I struggle with a full time job and 2 crazy toddlers, one who just entered kindergarten, to find time to workout and be healthy. BUT, Beach Body offers a great program for those with little time. The program I chose to utilize is 22 Minute Hard Corps.

So what is the workout actually?

22 Minute Hard Corps (22MHC) is a challenging, military-inspired workout program designed to burn fat, build lean muscle, and get you “Boot Camp Fit” in 22 minutes a day. Everyone can spare just 22 minutes in a day to get healthy and feel better about yourself.

In the first week of doing this program I’m finding muscles that I didn’t know I had. Yes, I was a little sore at first, but that is because I’m on my way to becoming a more fit, healthy person and father.

The workouts that are in 22MHC are challenging, but not difficult. They are superefficient, 22-minute workouts that condition your whole body with moves tough enough to challenge you, but straightforward enough for you to do on Day One.

The 22MHC program is a quick 8 weeks with 8 routines teamed with a nutrition plan to get you feeling great and looking good.

Take a look a this quick video and see for yourself!

Interested? What now?

Are you looking to get fit, have fun, and take a step in the healthy direction? Have more questions? Shoot me a message and let’s get you signed up to take part in this quick 8 week challenge program and down the road to success!