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Not sure if any of you have seen the #22Pushups challenge that is circling the internet, specifically Facebook lately. I’m currently taking part in this challenge and urge you to do the same!  What is the challenge about you might ask? Did you know that in 2012 the VA released a Suicide Data Report that stated 22 Veterans take their… Read more »

52 Week Saving Challenge pt. 2

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Well here is part 2 of the 52 Week Saving Challenge. Yesterday, I talked about the 52 Week Penny Challenge, and how it is a great way to start saving. That challenge is the easier of the two that I have for you. The second challenge is the 52 Week Dollar Challenge. It has the same basic concept, that you… Read more »

52 Week Saving Challenge pt. 1

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This year we are planning on doing some saving challenges. I have come up with two different ones to share with you all! Saving can be difficult, as we can get off track, but these challenges are quite simple! The two challenges that I have come with two different totals at the end of the year. So, you can base… Read more »

Top 10 Christmas Movies

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I am a big fan of Christmas. There are great holiday movies on many different channels for everyone to enjoy. I’ve compiled a list of my Top 10 Christmas Movies. Here we go… #10. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) – This is a classic movie that I remember watching when I was growing up. In this movie a man realizes how… Read more »

Sound of Silence

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This is the last weekend of Wisconsin’s Deer Gun Hunt season. Today I spen the afternoon out in the woods. I was sitting in silence and I was amazed at how loud silence is. When you sit out in nature completely still and silent you become part of the nature. Tge small animals don’t realize you are there. It is… Read more »


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This may be the typical Thanksgiving post, and I’m sure many of you have posted similar material. Thanksgiving…a day of thanks. So, what are we thankful for? I am thankful for my family. My wonderful wife and my beautiful boys. I am thankful for my little angel, my daughter who I think of and miss every day. I am thankful… Read more »

Thanksgiving Traditions

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We all have our traditions at Thanksgiving. Some of them may seem a little different to other people, but it is what we do and the memories that it brings back that make them worth while. Having family over to visit is a common tradition. Along with the turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. But there are other traditions that people… Read more »

Back to Nature

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I spent a majority of this past weekend outside looking for deer and enjoying the beautiful snow around me. As I’ve mentioned before it was the opening weekend of Wisconsin’s Gun Deer hunt. I unfortunately didn’t see anything but I did get to enjoy the 12″ snowfall. The area I was hunting in was in southern Wisconsin, where they received… Read more »

Winter Storm Bella

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This year’s first winter storm for southern Wisconsin is going to be a large one. Winter Storm Bella is predicted to dump anywhere from an inch or two in central Wisconsin to upwards of 10+ inches aling tge Wisconsin Illinois border. In Madison we are expection about 5 inches. It has finally started to come down. There is plenty of… Read more »