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Kids Project – Bean Bag Toss

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Kids Project – Bean Bag Toss (Home Depot) Have you ever tried to figure out what to do with your kids on a Saturday morning? This month we took advantage of Home Depot’s Kids Workshop event. My boys built and painted their own bean bag toss game. Kids projects are always great fun. They teach our young ones some great… Read more »

Kids Project – Basic Bird House

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Finding projects for my little ones to do on the weekends can always be challenging. They always like being out in the garage with me whenever I’m building something. So, I figured a woodworking project of their own would be a great option, cue the Basic Bird House. I used the bird house that Ana White has posted on her… Read more »

Holy Crap!

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Holy crap! I can’t believe I have put anything up here in the past few days. Well partially because I can’t believe how fast the past few days have flown by! So, here’s what I’ve been up to: I just posted and sold my first set of Rustic Wood Pumpkins. Pretty pumped about that. Always looking for ways to bring… Read more »

Rustic Wooden Pumpkins

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Fall is here and pumpkins are showing up everywhere. I have an easy pumpkin decoration idea that takes only a few minutes to make. The hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry! All you need is some scrap pieces of 4×4 and some branches about 1″ in diameter. When I make mine, I do them in sets of… Read more »