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Review of Ryobi 18V One+AirStrike Cordless 18ga Brad Nailer

I recently purchased a Ryobi 18V One+ AirStrike Cordless 18ga Brad Nailer for some DIY projects at home. I’ve been trying to finish up some projects that needed to be nailed together and I didn’t like the idea of having to use larger nails that would be more visible. I also didn’t want to “ding” the wood while pounding in… Read more »

Learn how to Protect Pollinators when Treating your Lawn

A well groomed lawn is something we strive for; however, we must also take measures to protect pollinators when making our lawn treatments. Learning how to protect pollinators will make your landscape flourish. What is a pollinator? Pollinators are a general term that is used to describe an animal or insect that moves pollen from one part of a flower… Read more »

How to Rid Your Lawn of Grub Damage

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Most of us are looking to keep a well managed, nice looking lawn. We fertilizer and treat our weeds, but insects can reek havoc on our hard work. One of the most damaging insects is the White Grub and its adult counterpart, the Japanese Beetle. What is a White Grub? White grubs are the larval or immature stage of certain… Read more »

Top 4 Tips to a Healthy Lawn

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The Top 4 Tips to a Healthy Lawn are simple steps that everyone can take to make sure their yard looks great each and every year. There are four basic areas that we need to focus our attention on to make sure we have a healthy lawn. They are: Fertilizing – providing the nutrients the lawn needs Watering – making… Read more »

Top 10 Power Tools for DIY’ers

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You want to get started working on some DIY projects, but don’t have the tools. When visiting your hardware store you notice the power tool aisle can be very overwhelming. These top 10 power tools are all you need to get started as a DIY’er. If you are just getting started out working on some DIY projects, the power tool… Read more »

Top WaterSense Rated Shower Heads

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The other day I wrote a post on water conservation and taking responsibility for things around the house to help reduce water usage. In that post I referenced taking shorter showers and using shower heads that were WaterSense rated. Below I briefly discuss what WaterSense rating for shower heads means and then list some of the top watersense rated shower… Read more »

12 Tips to Reduce Water Use at Home

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Water Conservation! Have you heard that phrase in the past year or two? If you are in any of the areas that have been under water restrictions the past few summers I’m sure you have. For those of us who haven’t had to deal with water restrictions we are lucky, but we also need to do our part. Let’s face… Read more »