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Christmas 2016

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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas weekend! Ours was spent with family and friends. Everyone had a good time. The boys received most of what they wanted from Santa, and couldn’t have been more excited to see the tree Christmas morning. They had a blast seeing relatives from out of state and spending time with both… Read more »

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

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Summertime routines are coming to an end as the new school year quickly approaches. Nights will soon be filled with after-school activities and homework. As parents we need to make sure that our children are getting to bed at the correct time in order to get the proper amount of sleep that their developing bodies require. We all know that… Read more »

Back to School Shopping Basics

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That time of year is approaching quick! It’s back to school shopping time. The long lines, the supply lists to look over, the deals to try and find, and the stress to deal with. Back to school season can be quite overwhelming. These shopping tips for the back to school madness will be very helpful.  What NOT to Do I… Read more »

Top 5 items to take on your beach trip!

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Summer is about half over now and if you haven’t taken a beach trip with your family, it is time to start planning before it’s too late. Packing for a beach trip can get hectic as everyone wants to get going. Often times necessities get left at home by accident. These Top 5 items are a must have on your… Read more »

Awesome Toddler Art Project

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If your toddler is like my boys, they love art. Whether drawing, coloring, or painting; this awesome toddler art project will give them something they can hang in their room and be proud to display. This toddler art project is quite easy, but a little messy, just like toddlers. Ha! The supplies you need are very simple: Framed Canvas (I… Read more »

Review of Home kids movie

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This past weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to watch the movie Home with our boys. If you haven’t watched it, you are missing out. It is an awesome and funny kids movie. The cast features Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Matt Jones. We follow Oh (Parsons) as he teams up with Tip (Rihanna) to evade Oh’s… Read more »

10 Ways to Battle a Tantrum

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I have two boys under the age of 4, so tantrums are a way of life for us. It can be quite difficult dealing with them, but we’ve learned 10 good tips to help battle them and keep you sane at the same time. There is one simple thing that causes every tantrum: the child not getting what they want. It… Read more »

Kindle Fire Kids Edition Review

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This post may contain affiliate links. This past Christmas we decided to get both boys a Kindle Fire Kids Edition. It has turned into one of the best decisions that we have made! The boys love them. It gets them away from watching TV. They love playing the games and we know that they are learning while they play. The version that… Read more »

Boys Night In

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Boys night in has a different meaning when you have little boys. My wife is out at a training event for volunteering at a local hospital for families when they loose their baby. So, that means its boys night in. It can be crazy sometimes, but always fun. Plenty of playing cars and trucks and wrestling in the living room…. Read more »

Raking leaves with kids

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So my goal today is to get some leaf raking done. We have one huge maple tree which half of its leaves have fallen, so I will be tackling that along with the ash tree that is out in our front yard. There isn’t an tremendous amount to do, but I’m sure this will be an almost all day project… Read more »