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No Fuss Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

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I’ve gotten tired of trying to figure out what to take for lunch each day to work. This past Sunday I figured I would pull out the slow cooker, and whip up some no fuss chicken tacos that I can eat on my lunches throughout the week. I love using my slow cooker! It allows me to do everything else… Read more »

Canning and Freezing Vegetables

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You’ve planted a garden this year, but now veggies are starting to be harvested. Maybe you are realizing you shouldn’t have planted 12 tomato plants. Or, the 10 cucumber mounds that you planted have become a bed of cucumbers. What do you do with all these extra vegetables? Your best option is to keep them for the cold winter months… Read more »

Meal Planning Week 1

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Well we are just over half way through Week #1 of meal planning for our family. It has gone fairly well. We had to shift around the meals because of how late we got home one night (we didn’t want to have our kids wait until 7:30 to get their meal). But that is some of the flexibility in our… Read more »

Meal Planning: “The List”

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Well, I’ve managed to come up with 30 different meal ideas. It was WAY harder than I thought. Now, my next step is to map them all out on a calendar. Once this is done, I plan to shop twice a month for the groceries I will need to make 2 weeks of meals. I won’t be using a new… Read more »