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A New Year; A New Beginning

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Well, it’s a new year! As most of us have done, I’ve jotted down a few New Year Resolutions that I’d like to accomplish this year. To help keep me accountable, I’d like to share them with you. So, here we go: 2017 Resolutions Build a better savings account for both of my little boys Less getting upset with the… Read more »

Top 5 items to take on your beach trip!

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Summer is about half over now and if you haven’t taken a beach trip with your family, it is time to start planning before it’s too late. Packing for a beach trip can get hectic as everyone wants to get going. Often times necessities get left at home by accident. These Top 5 items are a must have on your… Read more »

Put that Phone Down! Your child is paying for it.

Cell phones and smartphones are amazing devices, but they are drawing our attention away from where it needs to be directed, our kids. We, as parents are always worried about how much time our kids spend on their cell phone or playing on their tablets. What we need to be conscious of is how much time WE are doing these… Read more »

Beginning thoughts on Meal Planning

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I’m tired of getting home from work after picking up the boys from daycare and being faced with the question, “What’s for dinner?” Luckily, they are not at the age where they are asking me what is for dinner, but I’m trying to ask them, what they would like for dinner the entire way home from daycare. I’m also digging… Read more »

Boys Night In

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Boys night in has a different meaning when you have little boys. My wife is out at a training event for volunteering at a local hospital for families when they loose their baby. So, that means its boys night in. It can be crazy sometimes, but always fun. Plenty of playing cars and trucks and wrestling in the living room…. Read more »

October is Awareness Month for something else too

Yes, everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but there is another cause that shares the month to raise awareness. October was dedicated as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month by Ronald Reagan in October of 1988. This is an awareness that touches close to our hearts. Our daughter was stillborn at 37 weeks. We went through the… Read more »

Diaper Rash Cream

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Our youngest has pretty sensitive skin, like his mom. This makes it hard to deal with diaper rash. We’ve tried most of the stuff that you can buy in the store, including the stuff for sensitive skin. Not much of it works, and it is horrible to hear him cry when you are applying it because it doesn’t really help…. Read more »

Easy Pancakes

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Sunday I decided to let our oldest help make some pancakes for breakfast. At 3½ years old he loves to help cook. He always wants to bake, we love it. We usually try to find some recipes that are easy and he can help with. I found this recipe for pancakes on Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel. He was making them… Read more »

Refreshing drink

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I gave up soda on April 2014. It was hard at first as I could easily drink a 2 liter of soda a day. But after the first couple of months I didn’t miss it at all. I’ve been enjoying water and flavored water in place of the amount of soda that I drank. The problem with flavored water is… Read more »

Tablets for kids

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I finally caved and purchased a tablet for our soon to be 4 year old. I know his little brother will use it as well which was part of my reasoning behind the purchase. However, this was not an easy decision. It is crazy how young kids are now when they begin using tablets and know how to navigate through… Read more »