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An update!

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I am sorry to all of tou for my lack of posting. I think it is time to get to working on this blog. It’s time to do some brainstorming on what to include. Do any of you have anything that you would like me to cover or discuss? More to come very soon…and this time I mean it!


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So, I know last time I said I would be posting more often, but that didn’t really happen. But I have been working on some projects and will be posting the “How-To’s” on here for you all to enjoy. Here’s what I’ve been working on: Rustic Barn Wood Serving Tray – This simple serving tray was made with 1×4 boards… Read more »

I feel bad…

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I feel bad…actually I feel horrible for my lack of posting lately. It has been an extremely crazy past few months. My job has 3 employees that usually work here (me as a manager, and two others). The end of July I lost 1 employee, and about a month ago, I lost the other. I haven’t had any good candidates… Read more »