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Well it has been what seems like forever since I’ve posted on here. Probably because it has been! I apologize for the lack of posting, it has been a crazy spring at work and I haven’t had the time to keep up with all of this!

So, I’m going to be starting a health and fitness journey. I’ve come to the realization that I would love to be far healthier than I am both for my self, but also for my family. I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you. And, who knows maybe you will gain some insight to help yourself if it is needed!

My focus is going to be on the Beach Body Programs. I’m also thinking of signing up to be a coach. One of my friends from High School is a coach and has made an incredible health journey!

I’m planning on focusing on exercise/fitness, healthy eating, and the challenges of doing all of this with 2 crazy toddlers! I should be sharing the workouts that I’m doing along with some awesome recipes and kid friendly recipes as well!

So, sit back….enjoy the journey with me!