Kids Project – Bean Bag Toss

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Kids Project – Bean Bag Toss (Home Depot)

Have you ever tried to figure out what to do with your kids on a Saturday morning? This month we took advantage of Home Depot’s Kids Workshop event. My boys built and painted their own bean bag toss game. Kids projects are always great fun. They teach our young ones some great skills.

With Home Depot’s Kids Workshop, the kids each receive a kit which contains all the components of what you will be building for that project. The kids also receive an orange Home Depot apron with their name written on it, and upon completion a commemorative pin (while supplies last).

The boys jumped in to this kids project. They enjoyed hammering and sanding their project smooth.

Following the instructions, provided by Home Depot in their kit, was important to ensure the kids project was going together correct. There was a specific way that the pieces of wood needed to be assembled to allow for the game to be played correctly.

After we had our projects assembled and sanded smooth, it was off to the painting station. This month’s theme was Valentine’s Day, so our paint colors were red, pink, white, and purple.

We let the boys figure out how they wanted to paint their game. And, also told them to make their game different from the other. We have a tendency to argue of who’s toys are who’s in our house. So making sure they each made their kids project look different from their brother, it helped bypass this issue.

I love taking advantage of little projects like this one. Keeping our kids active and always learning is very important. Last month, we built some bird houses at home to keep them busy on a weekend. My boys were able to use some sand paper, hammers, and paint to construct their own bird house to hang outside this spring. Skills like this will come in handy as they grow. I want my boys to be able to at least fix small things in their home when they are older.

Interested in Home Depot’s Kids Workshops? The first Saturday of the month is usually when these FREE events occur. Check out their website and get registered for the next one near you.