A New Year; A New Beginning

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Well, it’s a new year! As most of us have done, I’ve jotted down a few New Year Resolutions that I’d like to accomplish this year. To help keep me accountable, I’d like to share them with you.

So, here we go:

2017 Resolutions

  • Build a better savings account for both of my little boys
  • Less getting upset with the boys when they are playing (boys will be boys)
  • Read at least a book a month (non-children’s book)
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck…find other ways to bring in more income (side hustles)
  • Be healthier; for myself, my family and my boys
  • More blog posts (I usually start out good, but then fade as the year progresses; want to fix that this year)
  • If by any chance a better job comes along…who knows what might happen

What resolutions have you made for this year? How do you plan on achieving them?