How to increase your basil yield

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We use basil in a lot of our food at home, and fresh basil just tastes so much better than dried. But we are not a fan of spending a fortune at the grocery store for fresh basil. Luckily, it is one of the easier herbs to grow, and it is great for new gardeners. The biggest problem people have… Read more »

Money Saving Apps

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Everyone loves saving some money while shopping! Prior to me going grocery shopping, not only do I grab my coupons, but I will also take a look at my grocery shopping apps to see what kind of deals are out there. Here the 7 grocery apps that I use when I shop. Favado Here is what Favado’s website says: “Favado… Read more »

Weekend DIY Project to Hide that Ugly AC Unit

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I’ve posted this on my old WordPress site, but it is a great, easy weekend project to take something that is kind of ugly or people don’t want to see and make it disappear. Well after our youngest almost took a face-plant to the metal corner of the AC unit out back this past weekend, it was time to make… Read more »

So where are we going?

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You may ask “So, where are we going?” I am a dad, a husband, a son, and a brother. I look forward to discussing some great ideas with you all, and I am excited to see what ideas you have to share as well. So my first post will focus on summer and kids. Kids love to itch bug bites…. Read more »