No Fuss Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

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I’ve gotten tired of trying to figure out what to take for lunch each day to work. This past Sunday I figured I would pull out the slow cooker, and whip up some no fuss chicken tacos that I can eat on my lunches throughout the week. I love using my slow cooker! It allows me to do everything else… Read more »

5 Go To Freezer Meals

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Back to school time can be hectic when you get home from work. Kids working on homework and asking what’s for dinner. These 5 go to freezer meals can be either popped in the oven and left alone as soon as you get home, or thrown in the slow cooker before you leave for work in the morning. Chicken Broccoli… Read more »

Canning and Freezing Vegetables

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You’ve planted a garden this year, but now veggies are starting to be harvested. Maybe you are realizing you shouldn’t have planted 12 tomato plants. Or, the 10 cucumber mounds that you planted have become a bed of cucumbers. What do you do with all these extra vegetables? Your best option is to keep them for the cold winter months… Read more »

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

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Summertime routines are coming to an end as the new school year quickly approaches. Nights will soon be filled with after-school activities and homework. As parents we need to make sure that our children are getting to bed at the correct time in order to get the proper amount of sleep that their developing bodies require. We all know that… Read more »

Back to School Shopping Basics

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That time of year is approaching quick! It’s back to school shopping time. The long lines, the supply lists to look over, the deals to try and find, and the stress to deal with. Back to school season can be quite overwhelming. These shopping tips for the back to school madness will be very helpful.  What NOT to Do I… Read more »

Learn how to Protect Pollinators when Treating your Lawn

A well groomed lawn is something we strive for; however, we must also take measures to protect pollinators when making our lawn treatments. Learning how to protect pollinators will make your landscape flourish. What is a pollinator? Pollinators are a general term that is used to describe an animal or insect that moves pollen from one part of a flower… Read more »

How to Rid Your Lawn of Grub Damage

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Most of us are looking to keep a well managed, nice looking lawn. We fertilizer and treat our weeds, but insects can reek havoc on our hard work. One of the most damaging insects is the White Grub and its adult counterpart, the Japanese Beetle. What is a White Grub? White grubs are the larval or immature stage of certain… Read more »

Top 5 items to take on your beach trip!

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Summer is about half over now and if you haven’t taken a beach trip with your family, it is time to start planning before it’s too late. Packing for a beach trip can get hectic as everyone wants to get going. Often times necessities get left at home by accident. These Top 5 items are a must have on your… Read more »

Put that Phone Down! Your child is paying for it.

Cell phones and smartphones are amazing devices, but they are drawing our attention away from where it needs to be directed, our kids. We, as parents are always worried about how much time our kids spend on their cell phone or playing on their tablets. What we need to be conscious of is how much time WE are doing these… Read more »

Beginner’s Couch to 5k Program

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I enjoy running. That is a phrase that no everyone can agree with, including my wife. But, after introducing her to a Couch to 5k Program, even she enjoys running! Yes, going from her saying that she HATES running and couldn’t understand why anyone would actually enjoy it; to someone who isn’t happy if she misses one of her running… Read more »