Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness rings close to our hearts. We lost our daughter F at 37 weeks. She was stillborn. There are many organizations and resources out there for families/parents who have gone through or are going through this pain. This list will continue to grow as I find more information, but here are some links that can help:

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Ribbon

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Ribbon

The official site for Pregnancy and Infant Loss. There is loads of good information on here.

Molly Bears

Molly Bears was created by Bridget Crews after she lost her daughter Molly. The organization creates stuffed bears that are weighted. They can be weighted to your child’s weight when they were born. We have a bear that is weighted to 5lbs. 13oz., the weight of our daughter. It gives us comfort and allows us to remember how she felt in our arms. It costs approximately $45 to make and ship a bear to a family in need. The current wait time to receive a bear is approximately 4-6 months. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS)

This organization provides free portraiture to families who have lost their baby. You many think it is odd to take photos when this happens, but these are the last memories that these families will have of their child. I love the photos that we have of F. There are currently over 1,700 photographers worldwide that will drop what they are doing to help these families have professional photos to help them remember their child.

CarlyMarie Project Heal

CarlyMarie experienced the stillbirth of her son Christian. She lets people know about her journey through grief and has a lot of amazing information on her page. She is also a professional photographer and will take photos of your child’s name on a beach in Australia.

HUGS – Hope Understanding & Grief Support

In the Fall of 2014, leadership from the Bereaved Parents of Madison, Inc. began to work with teams at St Mary’s and Meriter Hospitals to develop a program to proactively support families that are saying goodbye to their babies through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death.  The result of all of our planning has brought us to where we are today in the preparation of the launch of bereavement companions for our HUGS program. HUGS Volunteers are contacted by clinic and hospital staff when a family is experiencing a loss. They can assist nursing staff by providing companionship for families, answering questions, and assisting nurses with creating keepsakes.