Review of Ryobi 18V One+AirStrike Cordless 18ga Brad Nailer

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I recently purchased a Ryobi 18V One+ AirStrike Cordless 18ga Brad Nailer for some DIY projects at home. I’ve been trying to finish up some projects that needed to be nailed together and I didn’t like the idea of having to use larger nails that would be more visible. I also didn’t want to “ding” the wood while pounding in the nails that I was using. So, I figured a brad nailer would give me enough nail to hold the wood in place while the glue dried. After quite a bit of research online and came to the conclusion that the Ryobi AitStrike Cordless 18ga Brad Nailer would be my tool of choice. I’ve completed a few projects, I’m glad I went with this tool!ryobi-5

What is Ryobi One+?

The Ryobi One+ system has over 70 tools that be used with just one lithium ion rechargeable 18V battery! From woodworking to outdoor yard equipment, this battery system has you covered. Just think, you will only need a few batteries to power your entire tool arsenal!

This brad nailer is only the beginning of my Ryobi collection. I plan on utilizing the Ryobi One+ products and continue to build my tool shop.

My Thoughts on the Tool

The nailer is great! The dual LED lights that are on the unit are awesome. They allow me to see where I’m going to place a nail very easily. Every project I’ve done so far has only needed the single fire mode (single sequential actuation mode). The other option is a “bump” mode (contact actuation mode); this allows the user to hold down the trigger and every time the nose of the nail gun is pushed down it fires. My projects have yet to find a use for this mode.

The best part is the lack of noise from a loud air compressor, and hoses that can easily be tripped over. This cordless tool offers none of those annoying factors!

I do have one complaint with the tool. Living in Wisconsin we experience some pretty cold weather. My garage can get down to around 30°F in the winter. When the brad nailer is left in this cold temperature for an extended period of time, it will not fire. In checking the users manual, the only reason given for this is a “dirty driving mechanism.” That didn’t make sense because the first time I had the issue, I’d only used the new tool maybe a dozen times.

After hours of searching online for an answer, I stumbled across a message board with a similar complaint. The user had noticed that if his tool had been in cold weather (less than 40°F) for an extended period of time, it would not fire. To fix the problem, just bring the brad nailer inside to warm up to room temperature before use.

The Ryobi One+ Brad Nailer is the perfect tool if you are looking for simple and easy to use. There are no hoses to trip over and no loud air compressors to annoy. This is a great tool for those who are starting to get in to wood working, or the home DIY’er.