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5 Make Ahead Breakfasts

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Back to school is quickly approaching or it may have even started for some of you. Breakfast is a key ingredient in our kids’ daily routine. It feeds their little brains to they can soak up all that good information at school. However, getting kids up and out the door while making sure they eat something good can be a… Read more »

Monkey Bread

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One of our favorite breakfast treats to make with the kids on the weekends is Monkey Bread. My wife was lucky enough to enjoy this as a kid growing up. I however, was not so lucky, and wish I would have been! Monkey Bread is a pretty easy recipe and there are a few steps that my kids enjoy helping… Read more »

Easy Pancakes

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Sunday I decided to let our oldest help make some pancakes for breakfast. At 3½ years old he loves to help cook. He always wants to bake, we love it. We usually try to find some recipes that are easy and he can help with. I found this recipe for pancakes on Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel. He was making them… Read more »