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Health and Fitness

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Well it has been what seems like forever since I’ve posted on here. Probably because it has been! I apologize for the lack of posting, it has been a crazy spring at work and I haven’t had the time to keep up with all of this! So, I’m going to be starting a health and fitness journey. I’ve come to… Read more »

Beginner’s Couch to 5k Program

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I enjoy running. That is a phrase that no everyone can agree with, including my wife. But, after introducing her to a Couch to 5k Program, even she enjoys running! Yes, going from her saying that she HATES running and couldn’t understand why anyone would actually enjoy it; to someone who isn’t happy if she misses one of her running… Read more »

Pounding the Pavement

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Well I started. I’m about 99% sure that I’m going to run the half marathon in November. Last night was my first night out running in two months. I have my weekly running plan all together and will be posting updates as how I’m doing. Last nights journey was an easy paced 2 miles. After taking two months off, I… Read more »


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So, I debating signing up for a half marathon. It is coming up in about 15 weeks. I do run here and there and have done a few 5ks this year, but this would be the furthest I’ve ever run. I love running. It gives me time to relax and reflect. I do take the kids with my sometimes in… Read more »