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15 Ways to Save Money This Year

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Looking for a way to follow through on some of your resolutions this year? These 50 easy ways to save money will help you pay off some bills; work towards getting out of debt; or build on your savings. 15 Ways to Save Money this Year Budget! – The only way that you are going to be able to save… Read more »

Top WaterSense Rated Shower Heads

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The other day I wrote a post on water conservation and taking responsibility for things around the house to help reduce water usage. In that post I referenced taking shorter showers and using shower heads that were WaterSense rated. Below I briefly discuss what WaterSense rating for shower heads means and then list some of the top watersense rated shower… Read more »

Why haven’t you signed up for Ebates?

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(This post contains affiliate links) Why haven’t you signed up for Ebates yet? Do you know how much you are missing out on cash back and great offers? I love the great deals that Ebates has to offer and the cash back you get by shopping through them. And, you can earn $10 free just for signing up! In 2015… Read more »

10 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

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Saving money is a big topic this time of year as many people have New Year’s Resolutions to save more over the course of this next year. We are all concerned about how much electricity/energy we use. Whether our reason is that we want to be “greener” or we want to see more savings because we can’t believe how much… Read more »

Amazon Prime Deal

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Amazon is at it again with a great deal on joining Amazon Prime this weekend. For a limited time you can purchase a year of Prime for only $73! This is down from the regular price of $99 for a year. The promotion ends Sunday (1/17/16). Don’t miss this great opportunity to save! Amazon Prime Special Price    

Meal Planning Week 1

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Well we are just over half way through Week #1 of meal planning for our family. It has gone fairly well. We had to shift around the meals because of how late we got home one night (we didn’t want to have our kids wait until 7:30 to get their meal). But that is some of the flexibility in our… Read more »

52 Week Saving Challenge pt. 2

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Well here is part 2 of the 52 Week Saving Challenge. Yesterday, I talked about the 52 Week Penny Challenge, and how it is a great way to start saving. That challenge is the easier of the two that I have for you. The second challenge is the 52 Week Dollar Challenge. It has the same basic concept, that you… Read more »

52 Week Saving Challenge pt. 1

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This year we are planning on doing some saving challenges. I have come up with two different ones to share with you all! Saving can be difficult, as we can get off track, but these challenges are quite simple! The two challenges that I have come with two different totals at the end of the year. So, you can base… Read more »

Meal Planning: “The List”

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Well, I’ve managed to come up with 30 different meal ideas. It was WAY harder than I thought. Now, my next step is to map them all out on a calendar. Once this is done, I plan to shop twice a month for the groceries I will need to make 2 weeks of meals. I won’t be using a new… Read more »

Save with Coupons!

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This post contains affiliate links. I don’t know about you, but I love saving on my grocery bill! Do you like keeping some change in your pocket when you grocery shop? Or are you just getting started at being a coupon-er? Get free printable coupons now from Coupons.com I love using Coupons.com to bump up the number of coupons that I… Read more »