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Kids Project – Basic Bird House

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Finding projects for my little ones to do on the weekends can always be challenging. They always like being out in the garage with me whenever I’m building something. So, I figured a woodworking project of their own would be a great option, cue the Basic Bird House. I used the bird house that Ana White has posted on her… Read more »

Reduce Toy Clutter with DIY Toy Box

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We have a 3 year old and soon to be 5 year old at home; toys are usually scattered everywhere. Finding storage space in our living room for them was difficult until I found a DIY Vertical Toy Box.  I found some toy boxes online and in stores to purchase, however, they were always made out of particle board, something… Read more »

DIY “Canvas” Prints

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I’ve seen all over Pinterest the different DIY Canvas Prints that people have posted. We are always looking to get more pictures of the boys up on our walls, so I figured I would give it a try. It didn’t seem to hard. The only supplies I would need were a print or picture, a canvas, some black paint, and some… Read more »

Simple Bathroom Towel Hooks

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We had painted our bathroom last year and hung an old barn window over the toilet as part of our wall décor. We wanted something similar to match in there to hang towels. My parents have a farm and I’ve always wanted to do something with barn wood. Problem is that they didn’t have any spare pieces of barn wood… Read more »

DIY Vintage Wood Crates

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Have you ever seen those inexpensive wood crates at a craft store? The wood they use is so thin and it is held together with staples. They are pretty weak and won’t hold much weight. I was watching Woodworking for Mere Mortals YouTube channel and Steve decided to build his own to use as a bookshelf in a craft room…. Read more »

DIY Drip Irrigation

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I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of wasting water or standing outside being eaten alive by mosquitos. This had been happening the past few years as I needed to water my garden. This year I decided to go another route. I installed a drip irrigation system. I have had this system installed the whole season, but… Read more »

Transforming coffee cans…a DIY solution.

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I drink a lot of coffee, both at home and at work. After searching through Pinterest, I’ve discovered a way to transform some of those empty coffee cans into storage solutions. The Coffee Tub to storage idea is genius! I have more than enough empty coffee containers lying around between home and work, that I can make these to hide all the… Read more »

Weekend DIY Project to Hide that Ugly AC Unit

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I’ve posted this on my old WordPress site, but it is a great, easy weekend project to take something that is kind of ugly or people don’t want to see and make it disappear. Well after our youngest almost took a face-plant to the metal corner of the AC unit out back this past weekend, it was time to make… Read more »